International Watercolour Masters NEW DATES FOR 2021

International Watercolour Masters NEW DATES FOR 2021

Because of this dreadful virus it has been necessary to postpone and reschedule the International Watercolour Masters show to 2021

The new dates are MAY 4 TO MAY 16 2021 at Lilleshall Hall Shropshire.

All tickets bought for the 2020 show are valid for the corresponding new dates in 2021.

All workshop places booked can be automatically transferred to the new 2021 dates and will take priority, Workshop students will be sent a form by Tara with your options. Please complete and return straight away ! Some workshops that were sold out now have places -but be quick to book in or for info send email to Tara at WATERCOLOUR2020@GMAIL.COM

We have been able to keep our programme more or less in tact. For example maestro Alvaro was appearing at 2.00pm on 11th may 2020, he will now appear at 2.00pm on 11th may 2021 ! We have also added more show dates and more masters.

Additionally there are 3 new 3 day workshops from David Poxon, Eudes Correia , and Keiko Tanabe.

Schaller and Stewart workshops are cancelled. Students can transfer to other workshops or get refunded.

Here is the full workshop list for iwm2021

May 5 Laurie Goldstein Warren 1 x day

May 5 Janine Gallizia 1 x day

May 5 Pasqualino Fracasso 1 x day

May 6/7/8 David Poxon 3 day

May 6/7/8 Patricia Guzman 3 day

May 6/7/8 Joe Dowden 3 day

May 9/10/11 Fabio Cembranelli 3 day

May 9/10/11 Janine Gallizia 3 day

May 9/10/11 Keiko Tanabe 3 day

May 12/13/14 Alvaro Castagnet 3 day

May 12/13/14 Julia Barminova 3 day

May 12/13/14 Konstantine Sterkhov 3 day

May 15 Marvin Chew 1 x day

May 15/16 Eudes Correia 2 day





May 4 to May 16 2021

Together we are stronger !


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The worlds elite watercolour Masters together  in a unique and historic exhibition