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International Watercolour Masters

   J.M.W.Turner 'Tipton & Dudley' by kind permission of Dudley MBC for International Watercolour Masters 2018 P R E S S   R E L E A S E J.M.W.Turner, David Cox, Walter Langley RI, George Sandby & other English Master artists of the 18th & 19th Centuries took...

Jimo City China

Honoured to be one of 20 International W/C Artists chosen by the Curator Zhou Tianya to be in this prestigious exhibition in China. David Poxon RI ,NWS, John Yardley RI , Shirley Trevena RI, Bob Rudd RI have also been selected by the Chinese Curatorial...

Art de’ Aquarelle Magazine Feature

Major Feature article in L' Art de Aquarelle magazine issue 26. Working methods and philosopy discussion with fellow watercolour artists and friends Janine Gallizia, Mark Mehaffey, and Chieng Chung Wie. Art de Aquarelle web www.lartdelaquarelle.com/...